Telepathy: the Pleiades

Like to try your hand?
Here's an ASSIGNMENT for the curious

by Helen Engel

This is the moment when you decide whether to send that FORM OF LOVE/LIGHT as a beam of energy to an individual, or as a beam of light to a starship, or to splay it out as benevolence for the whole universe.

Let the LOVE/LIGHT take on its own CONSCIOUSNESS while it is within your third eye. The third eye is the receiving station and the emiting station of conscious light energy - use it whenever you communicate.

It is important to create a PULSE, as opposed to a straight beam. The reason is that pulses have consciousness, while a straight beam does not. A light bulb emits pulsed light at a certain frequency; however, it is not conscious light - it is unconscious light. Because the sun is a superconscious entity, it emits conscious beams and superconscious beams.

What rate of pulsation will you use? The heart beat. Therefore, after you have practised a few times, put your fingers on your wrist and remember your heart pulse. When you are ready to PULSE the conscious beam, recall the heart beat and pulse at that rate.

If you are really serious about becoming an expert telepathist and wish to communicate with our space brothers and sisters .....

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