The Language of the Spheres


* * * A Telepathic Communication * * *

Sananda to Lauren,

18th January 2006 (Names removed).

"Occasionally there are those who will disguise themselves as workers of Light as I have told you in times past. These dark souls can disguise themselves as spirit guides and Masters and be most believable. X was in a state of vulnerability and was being watched by these entities for some time. They strike when the moment arises and can have a damaging effect if left to their own sources. Please be assured that you are watched over at all times, however, it is up to you to negate these entities of darkness. You always have the option of calling on the Light to disperse the dark and we will be with you in an instant.

These dark souls stake their prey in the most opportune ways. We may have an awareness of them, however they will not be known to us while we are present. They are sneaky and sly.

Always use Light as your contact source. When calling on guides, masters or spirits, always accompany yourself with the Light.

What can we do to prevent the attack of these souls?

Stay firmly grounded in Light. Limit your contact with other realms. Remain rested and at peace.

You ARE always protected, however you have to have a firm resolve to protect yourselves. You need to use precaution and a sense of awareness when you feel down or vulnerable. You have been the victim of dark entities in the past but are slowly relieving yourself of darkness. When fully immersed in the light you will have little opportunity to dance with the dark.

Does it help if we Lightworkers send Light to each other for extra protection?

This barricades the darkness from entering.

Very good. Maybe we should all gather in times of vulnerability like these and protect each other with shields of Light.

This is advantageous for the sender and the receiver."

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