A First Contact with Sirius
Helen Engel

Helen: Helen calling Euclid.
Euclid: Yes I am here.
Helen: Would it be advisable for me to contact Sirius?
Euclid: How?
Helen: Please tell me
Euclid: We can do it for you
Helen: Please do.
Euclid: One moment please. (pause)
[A face is projected on a giant screen.]
Sirius: Give me your location please.
Helen: North America
Sirius: More precise. [More precise address provided.] Are you within a residence?
Helen: Yes
Sirius: Describe. [Description and address provided.]
One moment please. Yes, you are emitting gold [aura] tonight.
Helen: From where?
Sirius: From your framework and the top of your head.
Helen: Will it be possible for you to communicate with us?
Sirius: Certainly.
Helen: Please assist me.
Sirius: You are communicating with us now
Helen: How does this occur?
Sirius: Through a sort of telepathy.
Helen: How did you locate me so quickly?
Sirius: We have ways.
Helen: Is there something I can do to improve our communication?
Sirius: You are doing fine.
Helen: I am not learning anything
Sirius: Did you want to learn something?
Helen: Yes.
Sirius: What would you like to learn?
Helen: What is your hologram method?
Sirius: We project a portion of your environment on our screen.
Helen: What do you see now?
Sirius: Not much, as it is dark
Helen: Then how did you locate me?
Sirius: By holographic means.
Helen: Do you have an assist such as a relay?
Sirius: Ours is more advanced than a relay, although it is not as easy to connect with.
Helen: Please explain.
Sirius: We are susceptible to thought patterns of a certain or a specific wavelength. We do not pick up all thought patterns.
Helen: Please explain.
Sirius: We intercept thought patterns that could rival or enter our own
Helen: Do mine?
Sirius: No, yours are very weak.
Helen: Please allow me to make them stronger.
Sirius: You would need an assist.
Helen: Please explain.
Sirius: You would need to project your thoughts in a much more forceful manner.
Helen: Please explain.
Sirius: Light beams move quickly and in straight lines. Thoughts move in waves. Send your thoughts on Light beams.
Helen: How?
Sirius: That is what you will be doing with the space center that will be built.
[Note: In 2003, plans were given to First Contact Scout Volunteers for a space center in Utah, U.S.A.
Helen: You know about it?
Sirius: Oh yes, it is well known in the galaxy.
Helen: How come?
Sirius: Because we will all have some input into its construction, and we will be landing at it.
Helen: Please explain.
Sirius: There are several markings that will be distinctly ours. One of the landing pads will be for us. It will be designed to fit our vehicles.
Helen: What are your vehicles shaped like?
Sirius: You could not describe them.
Helen: Then you describe them, please.
Sirius: Circular, with windows, much higher in proportion to the shuttles from the Capricorn. Our colors are different.
Helen: Will you be landing at the time of the "First Landing"?
{Note: Official First Landing in Utah takes place soon after peace is declared on Earth.]
Sirius: No, when appropriate we will be invited by you and the Starship Capricorn.
Helen: When will that be?
Sirius: When a pad is ready, and when it will be possible for us to assist you.
Helen: How will you assist us?
Sirius: We are proficient in agricultural matters, and we have very specialized equipment for healing of humans. We are also excellent teachers.
Helen: Will you be communicating using some of the Earth languages?
Sirius: Most of the time we communicate telepathically
Helen: Is that how we are communicating now?
Sirius: Yes
Helen: Why are we communicating with short sentences?
Sirius: Because what you ask can be answered in a short sentence.
Helen: Please describe the size of an entity on your planet
Sirius: We range from three feet to seven feet.
Helen: Can you give me several sentences to describe yourselves?
Sirius: We are humanoid to a degree, but we would stand out if we should land. We have large eyes and a small mouth, and our skin is whitish.
Helen: Do you have emotions like we do - love, joy, passion?
Sirius: Not to the degree that you have. That is why we like to study you.
Helen: What do you think of us?
Sirius: In some ways you are strange and ignorant. But your emotions are developed adequately.
Helen: May I call you again?
Sirius: Yes, through Euclid.
Helen: Thank you.

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