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Helen Engel

- and answers from Helen Engel

Q:How do you get started on developing telepathic abilities?

A: Learn the meaning of the word. In my world telepathy is the skill of communicating with spiritual beings of a positive nature. However, to begin, one can communicate with pets, birds, other animals, and even inanimate objects such as quartz crystals. Quartz is designed by God so that its frequencies can be manipulated by man. In other words, humans can send out thoughts using quartz as the message carrier, or the messenger. Quartz is called a transducer because it can change one medium of energy into another.

Q: Sometimes some thoughts come to me that are not of my own but it is practically impossible to keep up with the thoughts and write them down.

A: We are surrounded by millions of thought forms, just as we are in a sea of radio waves, and light waves, and TV energy. Magnetic energy and electrical is in our "field" at all times. The earth is the controller of the amount of magnetic energy in our environment. You will not receive a thought form unless you are receptive to thought. This means that you are in a receptive mood to receive thought.

You need to be wary that you do not invite negative thoughts Evil thoughts lurk around us at all times, as do thoughts from those who are still earthbound. The simple fact that those souls are earthbound is an indication that their thoughts are OF EARTH, and not spiritual. If a negative thought ever penetrates into your receiving receptors, simply send out a firm thought: CANCEL THAT or CANCEL IT. Your brain is much like a computer, when you press DELETE, what happens? Similarly when you think CANCEL IT.

It is good to invite in good thoughts. Where will they come from? Perhaps from your ancestors. If you ever go to a Spiritualist Church you will be aware of a trained "medium" (who is also telepathic in our meaning of the word) connect a person in the assembly with a discarnate relative. The only problem with connecting with relatives who have passed over within the last 50 years is that they are still learning what is in heaven, and may not be able to teach you many truths.

So where do you go for higher spiritual thought? You try to connect with spiritual entities. They reside in a frequency, or in a level, or in a plane that is somewhat higher than our 3rd and 4th Dimensions. Therefore, you need to become spiritual in order to receive messages from the spiritual plane. Sometimes Jesus or one of the other Masters will break through your barriers and shout a message at you, or give you a visualization of a calendar to remind you of an upcoming date, or come to you in a dream. That is a form of one-sided telepathy - they are attempting to reach you, but your receiving apparatus is almost closed.

So what do you do? You begin to prepare your body, so that your body's rate of vibration is altered. Altered to what? The body must vibrate at a lower (slower) frequency, in order that the spiritual side of you can take over. Some persons have advanced spiritually to the level that they are in the spiritual dimension 90 per cent of the day. They can communicate with the Masters at will. If you desire it, you also can reach that level of spirituality.

How? With love and joy. Look for joy in everything. Practise love wherever your body and mind take you - become a vessel of love and joy, and spread it to all you meet, and all those who are in your mind.

You may wish to obtain an audio cassette or a CD on how to relax the body and the mind. The one most important step to becoming a telepathist is to still the mind. One of the best methods is to spend one hour a day in silence. During that hour, be somewhere where you enjoy being - under a tree, in a car, in the back yard. Know that you have a whole hour to spend. Relax and pretend you are a Buddhist monk, smiling silently with eyes closed.

At some time within that hour, when you feel that you are in a listening mode, open up the top of your head. Have a pen and paper handy, and write down what comes to you, no matter how short. Usually the first words you will write down are "I love you".

Q: They are usually more of personal communication between me and whoever speaks to me through my thoughts which I take is telepathic but I never know who in spite of my asking ..... I assume they may have come from my spiritual guides.

A: They are probably good guides, calling you to become aware of the true nature of your SELF, and urging you to develop new talents. You are always able to tell whether the entity reaching you is bringing good news or negative thoughts. For the first little while, do not bother about the WHO - concentrate on the WHAT. What is the message? And be sure to say, "You are invited to teach me today." And when the lesson is over, thank the entity politely. Your guide wishes very much to identify himself or herself, but you are not quite ready to receive a name. Some day you will know, and your heart will be glad.

Q: Most nights I have a horrible time trying to sleep, as so much energy is whooshing around me all night long. I hear buzzing, high pitch noises and whispers, have random visions of sorts. My question is related to the voices specifically. Sometimes as I am drifting off to slumber I tap into conversations that are going on. It can be likened to interference between two people talking on a wireless phone. The conversations are benign, meaning they seem to be just aimless 3-D chatter...much to do about nothing. It is different to the level of speech that I hear from Masters or angels. The words from the higher realms seem to be ancient, more eloquent in nature. Sometimes they speak in riddle/poetry/music. What I am referring to here is from a lower dimension for sure,like human talk. I can pick up words here and there, sometimes they use profanity. Sometimes I get a feeling of gender. Last night the conversations were so loud I had to ask for the assistance of my angels to quiet them down, as they kept waking me up. Do you know what is happening? Who are these voices and why can I hear them sometimes? Can they hear my thoughts as well?

A: As you probably know, heaven and earth are (nearly) in the same space, but in a different frequency. Usually entities who can be observed in some manner (sight or sound) are earthbound. Some are not aware that they are no longer living in a physical body on earth. They are unfortunate souls and will benefit from our love and direction.

I can suggest three routes that you might consider.

  • Firstly, invite one or more gifted telepathists to your home to assist you to send these souls on their way. The telepathist will CALL THEM FORTH and strike up a conversation. The telepathist may learn the name of the discarnate, and how long he or she has been "living" there. During the conversation the telepathist teaches the discarnate about the Light, and invites him or her to go to the Light, with a promise that things are much more comfortable and beautiful there, and they will meet old friends. As an aside, when you say, I CALL YOU FORTH, the soul you are addressing must come. Therefore take over your power, and lead them to the Light.
  • A second method is to get yourself out of the environment of lost souls. This means to move to a higher spiritual level by an act of the will, and by acts of love. This needs to be done on a daily basis. Meditating for one hour a day, plus reading suitable books, plus communicating with Nature, are great assists. Take workshops, attend classes, ask others how they became more spiritual. It is work, but it is the most rewarding thing you will ever do.
  • A third method is to strive for peace and balance every moment of the day. Fear is the first open door to negative spirits. A peaceful mind is not afraid. If you live in balance you will plan your life so that 1/4 is spent at work or in service, 1/4 in spiritual matters (and learning), 1/4 in sleep, and 1/4 at recreation or rest. Finally, your home may be located in a very negative environment, and the Ley lines may be hazardous to your well-being. You might check this out with a professional.

    I have no idea whether the discarnates are aware of your thoughts. However, when you become telepathic you will be able to converse with them and lead them to the Light. In the book "Moroni Sounds the Trumpet" (Chapter 14, Healing Services) there are five excellent examples of healing old wounds and changing people's lives.

    Q: I have been noticing strange phenomenon around me lately that I wonder if you could help me with. The first thing I noticed was a year ago... while on vacation in Maine I had this unusual problem with light bulbs. I was only there for a week and within that week I burned out five bulbs. At first I didn't realize I was doing it, but by the third bulb I realized that every time I turned on a lamp or a light switch the bulb would blow out! Eventually I stopped touching anything because my partner was getting tired of changing bulbs. Can you tell me what this is about?

    More recently I have noticed that when I speak with my sister, and only my sister, on the telephone we are interrupted almost every time by an intense high pitch frequency from my fax machine, which is ALWAYS turned off. When this happens, although it is not turned on, I have to disconnect the fax machine when we speak. I've noticed that the conversations with my sister are always of a very high vibration and it has become so common that we've grown to expect it when we talk, yet neither of us can explain it...can you? Are we stimulating the frequency of the fax line by our high level of communication with each other. ( I believe she is a lightworker as well.)

    A. You are a high powered being. Some persons cannot wear a quartz crystal watch because their energies are too strong and affect the frequency of the quartz crystal. Others affect fridges and TVs. On one occasion a university professor, my husband and I had a telepathic conversation with very high beings, and recorded the proceedings on an audio cassette recorder. When we attempted to replay the sound, there was nothing there. One day I was doing some high meditation and my TV clicked on and off, even though it was turned off. On another occasion a woman who taught parapsychology to the United Nations staff addressed a workshop of some 90 persons. Many had tape recorders, including myself. I happened to have my hands on the recorder as the telepathist channeled Mother Mary. All the other tapes were wiped out by the energy in the room, except mine. (I am a magnetic receiver, and must have taken up some of the high energies.) You are affecting the fax machine.

    You are getting ready for some high powered spiritual work. Be mindful of your great psychic strength, give thanks, and learn to use it wisely. Lay off those man-made electrical gadgets! (Helen)

    Q: I am getting into very deep meditation and want to ask about being separated from my body. I found through not letting go, that I was feeling fear of not being able to get back into my body. This manifested as numbness and feelings of cold throughout my body that can be likened to the feeling of fainting and the feeling of being torn from my body without control. I believe I confused my spirit by willing it to be free of 3-D, and then when I started to rise I got fearful. This created confusion and anxiety, which led to physical discomfort. I have decided to go slow with this and only go deep enough to stimulate the fear and then try to integrate it piece by piece and I have been successful. Yesterday I was able to pull out of my body with almost no fear and observe the mountain I live on while actually laying in my bed (though the visions were not very clear). When I wanted to come back i willed myself back into my vessel and I could feel a rush of intense energy coming into my body, making my limbs and torso very, very heavy. When the energy got to my head I was whirling around with dizziness. Is this a normal occurrence?

    A. You are in need of guided meditation. There needs to be a very gentle rising to a higher consciousness, and a very gentle returning to normal consciousness. You have two minds and two bodies, but one consciousness. It is only the consciousness that ascends. Later you will be trained to allow the superconscious mind to also ascend.

    I would recommend that you purchase an audio cassette or CD that will provide the guidance you require, or request a friend to guide you. Fill your thoughts with love, not fear. You will be surprised at how rapidly you will make your sojourns with comfort and joy, learn a great deal while you are visiting other dimensions, and return refreshed. As soon as your telepathic skills are developed, you will be able to record your lessons while they are taking place.

    Q: ...most times I feel a little afraid when I sense the presence of someone/something. Is that what breaks the communication - they can sense my fear? Little by little I am remaining calmer and calmer each time. I hope they don't give up on me ... I am nursing the wounds of fear of ghosts from my childhood. I saw some things that scared me half to death when I was a child. I AM ready now to move on and be back in communication with the higher dimensions.

    Is it possible that beings can physically influence the 3d dimensional reality? Reason being ... the other night I was falling asleep with the TV on and while drifting off someone tapped me on my left shoulder. It frightened me and I looked around the room but no one was visible, so I ignored it. Then as I was drifting off again, someone/something shut my TV off! I was angry because I felt a little violated and I let them know that this was not acceptable behavior since I felt scared. But now I wonder if someone was trying to get through and if their intentions were actually good. What can I do if I feel afraid?

    A: A touch on the shoulder, and having your name called, are two very great gifts. Also, both of them indicate that you are a sensitive.

    If you have heavenly thoughts all day, you will not be startled, because you will already be at their dimension.

    That is all you need, because you are aware.

    Q. Sometimes the reason I enter into meditation is to raise my thoughts out of fear and into a loving place. Is this not advisable?

    A. In the 1960s when I was becoming aware that all is not as the bible and the church taught, I read once that there is no devil. Immediately I struck that word out of my vocabulary. If someone would visit me and mention the word, I would very politiely say that we do not use that word in my house, as I do not believe in him. That still goes. I now know that there is Lucifer, but I hear he has been locked up for a while.

    Similarly with the word fear. Try it. Over and over again, whenever you have the slightest agitation, say out loud. "I do not believe in fear. That word is not in my vocabulary. I use the word TRUST, that is the word I use for everything I do." Say it, write it on your dresser mirror, attach it to your key chain. Say JESUS I TRUST IN YOU. Give yourself two weeks and you will have conquered. And smile more. Isn't life fun.

    Q: Do I have enough spiritual awareness to communicate with the higher realms?

    A: One does not require spiritual awareness to communicate with the higher realms. Firstly, one needs to be trained as a telepathist. Secondly, one will aspire (very rapidly) to reach a level higher than the OUIJA board, the Angel Cards, seances, or messages from relatives recently passed on.

    In your telepathy course you will have learned a great deal about the higher realms, so that witches, black magic, all those things will not interest you.

    What will interest you? Your skills. "Can I really do this?" "Did so-and-so really give me that message?" "Is my third eye opening?" "Wow."

    When you become a telepathist you leave the mundane world behind you. You are going to a new school, the School of Reality. Every second that your telepathic skills improve, your spirituality will take a boost. This is the Truth.


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