The Language of the Spheres


Archangel Gabriel through Helen Engel
April 2005

GABRIEL: I am the Angel Gabriel, and I invite you to partake of the joy of the Angels. You wonder how to connect with the Angels? Here is an example.

Walk in a meadow, or stand under a tree, or walk near some beautiful flowers, or sit by the seashore, and be still. Feel the water, touch the sky, listen to the birds, feel the wind, touch the earth, be one with Creation.

We too are Creation. We are the first created beings. We have no history, we have no written past and we have no future. It is as if we have always been, but we too were created once, long, long ago, and we have served the great I AM for millennia after millennia. We have now come to serve you, because we find our joy in service, as the Archangels who are dedicated to humanity.

There are other Angels and Devas. There is the Deva of the sky, the Deva of the earth, the Deva of the waters, but we are dedicated to you. As you sit in your favorite place or walk on your favorite piece of earth, think of Angels - supernatural beings of great size, with one purpose - to do the bidding of the Creator. When the Creator asks us to assist humanity, we are not told exactly what to do. We comprehend your situation, and your needs, and we use whatever available assists there are to be helpful to you, but you must ask us. We cannot come into your environment and your presence unless you ask us.

Take that step today. No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing; whether you have a problem or whether you are filled with joy, say, "I invite the Angels to be with me today," and we shall come. Yes we shall come. My blessings to all. I am the Angel Gabriel.

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