The Language of the Spheres



Amongst Lightworkers there was some initial skepticism but then participation snowballed. The interest was at first terrestrial but it did not take long to become extra-terrestrial as well and therefore it became a Joint Lightworker and Extraterrestrial Project of incredible proportions.

Initiated by NESARA INTERNATIONAL , it included telepaths and clairvoyants on Planet Earth as well as angels, archangels, and a host of other extraterrestrials throughout the universe and beyond, including many Masters.

A telepath was the first to note four objects about the Stadium that should not have been there. Further examination revealed that they were actually four residences around the Olympic Park where dark entities were planning operations. They were dealt with as described later - see Telepath 2 and Death Throes

Then we learned why the site had been chosen - it had been a planned nuclear containment centre and there were newspaper reports about trains carrying nuclear waste passing through the Stratford facility.

The excitement was rising, not just on Planet Earth!! We were not even at the Opening Ceremonies yet ...... but telepathic reports started to pour in, with startling revelations.

We recommended for one thing participation in any of the several organised meditation sessions for this time period, as it had been suggested that the Cabal had something up their sleeve. Their back may be broken, as Sananda recently said, but they were still kicking!

By this time two Motherships and several smaller craft hovered in protection over the area.

We received a warning of planned interference, and this did happen but was promptly recognised by following standard precautionary procedures for telepathy, and the culprits fled. One telepath reported:-
I was aware of a group of 20 or so, who said "We've been waiting for you. We would like you to. ....." They didn't quite 'smell' right, so I interrupted "Who are you?" They replied "We're from the Galactic Federation, and we ......" but their energy signature didn't match their statement, so I put an intense cloud of white-gold light on the group. Instead of smiling and expanding, they fled in disarray.

It was realized that the Olympic Games could be the Cabal's last opportunity to cause havoc, possibly at the Opening Ceremonies or more likely at the Closing Ceremonies - when it would be least expected, and benefit from maximum publicity - and FEAR. Estimated TV audience for the Opening Ceremonies was over a billion; and for the Closing Ceremonies - 4 billion. We called upon others, either as individuals or groups, to join with the Forces of Light to nullify the Cabal's evil plans!
We said: "Now is the time to intensify the Light on the Darkness, either as an individual action, or with others. You can add your voice even if you are just watching on TV - everybody can do something! "
News of our plans was getting around quickly. There were doubts in the darkness whether to do their dark work or not. They were fighting between themselves about manifesting the shadows, the storms.
"The Astral Command is connected from beyond. Ko Ko and many others known to you are here in concern and to support you with all the energy you need. You have no idea how many people are raising their hands to be connected with you, At this time you are receiving more specific guidance from important members of the Galactic Federation.

When you are in harmony with your guests or alone at the Olympics, powerful beings will surround you. Just imagine how powerful it will be, in the middle of an event like that. There will be different levels of energy, from the athletes to the observers. This is why you are receiving energy and advice from the Masters -- to prepare your energy, to prepare your body, and to shield your energy. You will be led by mysterious ways."

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