The Language of the Spheres


An Excerpt from Teaching Mission Archives

10th September, 2006

Student: I understand that you are working with a number of groups all over the world, and that you are delivering messages to these groups. Is the message that you are giving to this group similar to the messages that you are giving elsewhere, and how much influence is there from the person you are giving the message through?

Monjoronson: This is Monjoronson. Let me answer the first part of your question and then I will ask you to rephrase the last part, please. The messages that are given through this group are somewhat different than are given through other groups around the world. Yes, our messages are being given throughout the world to those who are amenable to receive them. Not every group that transmits/receives our messages does so, some have agendas to attend to and so these do not fit. Yet there are many religious and spiritual groups who are receiving the message, and the message is that there is hope, that there is hope coming in a material form, that there is one who is anointed, who is coming. These words describe myself - One who has other cultural alter-egos, so to speak, who is seen through other eyes as a different personage, the hope of an external being, external to this world, coming in peace, as part of the Creator's entourage, or progeny, gives everyone hope. This is a new threshold to all groups, those who are willing to explore this realm of revelation. Not all groups are ready to hear these issues about world peace. That requires sustainability, or stability. Some are still involved in the hope that they can destabilize other religions and dominate other religions and their geographic areas. This is primitive, but something we do address, as we are able to. Now, could you rephrase the last part of your question, please?

Student: Yes, I'd be happy to. The question I have here pertains to the person through which the messages are being given to these groups. I am wondering how much the particular person you have chosen to work with, has an influence on the message?

Monjoronson: The individual through whom the message comes has a particular and peculiar influence upon the message. It is as with any database that you work with, you can only get out what you have put in, or through rearranging the material that is inside it. That is inventiveness using different words and different combinations, but nonetheless, what comes through the individual, is truly filtered. As we prefer to deal with "conscious" channels, rather than "trance" channels, this requires us to work consciously with the individual. This limits us tremendously when the belief systems and possibilities and the imagination of the individual is limited. If the individual does not have multi-visionary auditory, visual, and other capabilities, this limits our capacity to convey concepts, and meaning ("heart value") to individuals. If there is no "heart" within the individuals, no compassion, no sympathy, no empathy, no caring, then this limits what will come through the individual. There are many nuances to that, though, some of which are these: that though the individual may be deficit in these areas, they may nonetheless believe at the core of their being that they are a loved and worthy individual, that they need love and compassion-as do others-and so we can tap into that, and use that core energy to affect what comes through that individual.

Ideas of technology, of inventiveness, of other worldly capacities, are truly limited by to the visionary capacity of the individual. There are many realms, which we are limited to convey through this one to you, yet we are pleased with what does come through, to some extent. It is a humbling experience for all, regarding this process, both for us knowing that you are an experimental planet, [and] your biology dictates what your heredity has been and will be, it dictates the capacity of the mind development, and that it is limited. Your two-part mind surely does limit the capacity in which we can convey concepts of justice, mercy and even-handedness, of weighing the best outcome, especially when your personal interests are jeopardized. This is not going to be solved soon, but maybe will be in future eons of this world. It is not a concern of yours or ours, at the moment.

To return to the predicament of the individual is a knotty problem that we have. We are so limited by not being able to coerce you to do anything! (Laughter.)

There are many more capable individuals that exist throughout the world, who are TRing in private, than exist now, but they have not stepped forward, or they know they are capable but have withdrawn. This is unfortunate for your world, but it is a fact that is existent and we deal with it. We work with volunteers, people who step up to the microphone, close their eyes and begin to TR, those who are willing to be at risk in their own lives, in their careers, in their society and their social enhancement, to be at this task. We have an immense respect for them, though we accord them no special rights.

There are individuals, who operate on a co-creative, cooperative public basis with us, whom we feel are competent. Those who are not competent or worthy eventually find the need to leave the fold, and many have, as you know. Yet we seek many who are capable of so much more, whose visioning is deeper and whose capacity to be in touch with us is so much more immediate. Yet, we move ahead and we are making progress. You have moved from the Teaching Mission to the Magisterial Mission, both are operating side-by-side, and I may add, my dear friends, that the Teaching Mission is not dead, but is only in its early stages yet. It has so much more work to do. Your teacher corps is ever present and ready to leap forward to new groups, to initiate that first two years of work for you to do, before moving on. It is not a state of accomplishment, but is only a beginning of what you see now are simply examples of what will become. Thank you for your question.

Let me finish with something that is related. When you come to these groups, hold yourself as one mind; hold yourself in the presence. Be the presence, be the source, be the pool and the drops that become the pool. Hold this within this group's container and assist those who work for you, work with you, those who TR and those who work with the individual who speaks. Your energy, your oneness, your commonality assists palpably the content of what comes forward. It is almost immediately measurable to us to know those who are participating, or those who are on idle, and those who are thinking their own thoughts. You can do both: you can hold the space here, and maintain your own thinking - a consciousness of this presence and your own individuality. Groups throughout the world can be far more conscientious and capable and provide a much more meaningful and readable message when they do this. We know that you desire to do this, but need a reminder once in a while.

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