When a TELEPATH passes on .....

by Rae Ramsey

At 7pm on Thursday evening, 20th November 2008, the current Earth experience ended for Lillyean Walle. It was actually a vacation from her normal pursuits ........

Although not known very well to the public, Lillyean was one of the most successful telepaths during her lifetime, and contributed much to the future establishment of an International Retreat for Lightworkers in Vancouver BC, and in interpreting the wishes of St Germain and Sananda in particular.

She has had frequent conversations in the meantime with Rae Ramsey, with whom she worked for many years on this Earth plane.

We felt it might be of interest to hear her talk on the difference between her life then and now.
- Milson
Lillyean Walle, Telepath with Rae Ramsey, Telepath, and the Elder Tree
Lillyean Walle, Telepath
with Rae Ramsey, Telepath,
and the 'Elder Tree'

18th July 2010

Rae: I know we've been sending messages back and forth today for a while, now we can be very 'earth plane' and write down some things.

Lillyean: (Smile and chuckle) We'll just recap and pick up where we left off, abstracting the kernel of the conversation.

Rae: Sure, We were considering the following questions from Milson:
  • "Do you find you are forgetting (dismissing) most of your Earthly life and you enjoy the delights of higher dimensions?
  • There are so many past life-times, do they all melt into the distance? Are they soon forgotten?"
Lillyean: As you so aptly put it, lives are like beads on a string of time. When one is involved in a life, one's attention is riveted on care of the body, being responsible for one's personal and relationships 'learning experiences'; coping with planetary conditions; etc. When all that is no longer a concern, the energy 'hotness' subsides and the lifetime becomes a memory to be filed with other memories. It's like recalling various nice or not-so-nice memories while one is living. A life-time memory has a lot more in it - the whole personality construct, intentions and actions, lessons learned and purposes fulfilled or not. Just as when we were together I accessed my life as 'you-know-who'*, now I can access ANY life and its activities, etc. They are neither disappeared in the distance nor swamping me, they are just complete gestalt - thanks for that word, Mr. R! - memories to be recalled if I want to, same as you might recall your life on Hornby Island, though now you're on to other things. (* identity withheld)

"The delights of higher dimensions" (laugh) - yes, it IS delightful continually, not ups-and-downs or periods of drudgery interspersed with rare moments of relaxation. As you know, 'outside the game' really IS outside the game. For me it's all 'now' and I am 'here'. If I am on a job for CM (Aton) or just looking around to see what's what in the Universe (or elsewhere, for that matter), I focus and have a location of attention . Much easier to just put consciousness at a location than to haul a stiff, resisting, and demanding body around!

Rae: Great, you've gone into a lot of detail to explain it clearly.

Lillyean: (smile) You're welcome. If Milson wants any more exposition on those questions, I'll be happy to oblige and clarify.

Rae: Before I go off and do things, how's the beer? Milson had asked:
"There is a refrain to a German song which goes:
"Im Himmel gibt's kein Bier,
Drum trinken wir es hier.
Denn sind wir nicht mehr hier,
Dann trinken die andern unser Bier."
In Heaven there is no beer,
That's why we drink it here.
As when we're no longer here
The others drink our beer!
and I suppose with coffee it is the same ..... do you have what we might call "coffee breaks" at times?"

Lillyean: (open-hearted laughter) Well, it's kind of different here, though the idea is the same, a coffee break. Not a bodily activity, of course, but a change from focusing on a purpose or activity to a more relaxed, un-focused, free-floating consciousness state. Often with others, 'hanging out'. As below, so above. Where do you think that temporary relaxing state-change came from? (laugh).

Rae: Thanks, I thought it was something like that.

Lillyean: Of course. You carry your experiences back with you to manifest.

Rae: (laugh) As you know I'm not big on beer or coffee, either one, but I do enjoy looking out over/walking in nature.

Thanks for all this, I've very much enjoyed 'having coffee' with you.

Lillyean: (Warm laugh) Me too. Don't forget to do it more often.

Rae: No problem - Milson still has questions.

Lillyean: (laugh)

[End of First Session}

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