The Language of the Spheres


The Ring Nebula - or Eye of God
The Ring Nebula - or Eye of God


One must be at peace, healthy - not sick, not tired, in a quiet environment, free from disturbances (phone, cellphone, TV etc), have a purpose, radiate love, be self-confident but not egotistical.

Communication may be instigated by either yourself, or someone who wishes to talk to you. Clearing your space is important regardless. Read the article on this subject before attempting communication.

Have your questions ready. When approaching a Celestial for information, state the subject of your enquiry, so that the appropriate source can be provided to you. If you do not, you may be met with silence .....

As a general rule, the first approach will be from a negative entity - a dark energy - so challenging the source is imperative. "Do you come in the name of the Light", "Do you come in the name of the Celestial Messiah" or words to that effect must be used. A dark energy will withdraw and not respond, or give an indirect answer.

Some disregard this step, saying they can always 'recognise' the energy that comes to them. The Dark are experts at subterfuge! Always play it safe. Many excellent receivers in the past have fallen victim to this trap, and EGO tends to play a part here. Always remain humble.

Beware of the entity who introduces himself as "The Unknown". No excuses accepted - "identify yourself!!!" At the beginning of the message of course you may not know who is communicating with you, but ensure that you DO know before the message is ended. It may be a Group, in which case ask who their leader is.

When an entity introduces himself or herself in a different way to that to which you are accustomed, beware! Make quite sure identity is proven before proceeding. Many entities have their own way of introducing themselves, and stick to it rigidly. Recognize that.

This axiom was appropriate when dealing with a trance medium, and it might still apply to telepathy: always enquire whether the answer received to the question is based on information currently available or whether it should be researched further and asked again at the next meeting or discussion.

It stands to reason that a person cannot write intelligently on a field in which one has no knowledge nor expertise. Do not start asking questions on a technical matter with which you are unfamiliar: you will not understand the terms used - remember you are translating thought-forms, and if you do not have the vocabulary to express yourself adequately, leave the enquiry to someone who can.

In recent times there have been powerful forces directed against Lightworkers acting as receivers in an attempt to discredit them or to cause them to lose confidence in their abilities. Many attempts have been successful. There are (CIA controlled) psychics who are Dark Energies and who impose themselves on receivers, in an attempt to deceive them. They have been quite successful over the years, and you might have recognised "false" messages from others in the past which can be explained this way.

One solution was found in 2006 whereby a group of telepaths would circulate to the other telepaths in the group any message they received before it was released for general circulation. The others would verify the source, and from time to time a false message would be identified, and the credibility of the receiver thereby safeguarded. It was sometimes a shock to the telepath to realise that he or she had been the victim of deception, but the experience acted to strengthen the ability of the receiver to perceive the identity of the source.

That practice fell into disuse, and many false messages today tend to be circulated as Truth, although some of the other telepaths do recognise it as false and disregard it. Share the message with at least one other experienced telepath before going public. You may be thankful you did. It is not easy to get rid of 'egg on the face' .....

Never mix your own thoughts or opinions with the substance of the message which you receive. If you have personal comments, show them clearly as your comments, apart from the actual message received, otherwise your reputation could crumble.

If you have reason to 'stay undercover' with your messages, choose a pseudonym or nickname to be used as the receiver of the message. And keep the EGO under control: identify the message as coming from the source and you being the receiver. Do not seek 'joint billing'! .....

Do not be despondent when things do not quite work out. Be persistent: practise, practise, practise ..... "It is easier for us to receive the telepathic message being sent to us than for those who are relatively new to telepathic communication to receive messages from us. However, we appreciate the messages that are being sent." ..... Captain Helena of the Capricorn, 7th February, 2007.

Here's an interesting extract from a Galactic channeling through Blossom Goodchild on 2nd March, 2011, which shows that the Celestials are also on the watch for interference by Dark Energies:
"..... interferences can occur on your frequency. We are attuned into a particular frequency when we communicate with you. We change it often in order for it not to become too familiar with those who would rather this friendship did not take place.

..... please understand it is not of a concern of any degree. We simply change the frequency once again and all is well."

Most of the time you will be contacting those in the Higher Dimensions. Did you know that those who have more recently passed over also need to PRACTISE telepathy with humans in order to be proficient? Just as human telepaths have to practise. Practice makes perfect. One or two Canadian politicians admitted this to us.

Is it also possible for two human beings to communicate telepathically with each other while both are on Earth? We discovered that this is very rare, and almost impossible. But it has been done on more than one occasion. In one instance Captain Helena of the starship Capricorn was used as the intermediary between a Canadian telepath and a Swedish telepath.

So what are Telepaths? the transmitters and receivers of light encoded information from the galactic airwaves.


The Starship Phoenix over Tehachapi, California, in the '90s - Photo: Al Overholt
The Starship Phoenix over Tehachapi, California, in the '90s - Photo: Al Overholt

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