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There was a time in the '40s and '50s when a significant amount of scientific information was received from scientists who had passed on, but there was too much official suppression of such advanced information, that it could not be utilised. The information is still there, thanks to an organisation called Borderland Science Research Foundation, Meade Layne, and his successors.

The method used then would be laughed at today - the Ouija Board and the séance, but it did its job very well at that time.

One telepath today became the first to reach the Council of Scientists, a group of deceased scientists who found it hard to believe that they could communicate still with humans on Earth. He uses the pseudonym "Lavar" and will organise the first official landing of a spacecraft in USA, shortly after the NESARA announcement. There is another group who are more spiritual in nature, called the Board of Scientists.

As the suppression of information is about to be ended, NOW IS THE TIME for scientists and researchers to take advantage of the advanced technology which can be made available to us through communication with the Celestials, and to learn telepathy. According to the Celestials, our technology is pretty primitive!

Here are some reminders of what we should be doing ........ it is already being practised and taught to scientists in Sweden.

The BBC Superpower website. This video shown on YouTube


2nd August, 2005

HELEN: Einstein might come forth this day. He might share with me what he is thinking at the moment.

EINSTEIN: There is a never-ending river in the sky, and in it flows a wealth of information. That river is being directed toward Earth now, and the wealth of information is overflowing. The water could carry a current of wisdom from one end of the Earth to another. Once the chain of vibration is set up in the water, it repeats itself.

A brook carries the same message from its beginning to its end. Any new water that comes into the stream is merely adopted and blended into the stream. So what is this new knowledge that is now coming to Earth? The stream is now flowing steadily, and it is about awareness, new thought for Earth, and awareness of the planets, the Ancients, the Masters. This is the new wisdom.

Each person is invited to be a link or a molecule in the river of knowledge, and to add his piece. Today I [Einstein] would add the changes in the power of the sun. It is not so much that Earth is nearer to the sun, as that the sun has taken on a higher level of superconsciousness.

Superconsciousness is above consciousness only to the degree that it is spiritual. A superconscious spirit looks at all of life from the spiritual aspect. The entity who is at the superconsciousness level at all times is also aware at all times.

Awareness is the ability to see in depth, beyond the physical aspect of any situation or any object, or any person. To be aware with the superconsciousness aspect of a human being is the equivalent of looking at another entity on the inside, even to a greater degree than that person understands himself or herself.

Superconscious waves move swiftly and are unbridled or unabated. When a trained Master sends out a superconscious wave, it can be picked up by any magnetic receiver.

There are two methods to send out knowledge [telepathically]. One is on a beam and another is on superconscious waves. If you wish to direct a thought to merely one individual, use a beam. If you wish to send a telepathic message to a starship, then use a beam of light. If you wish to teach the whole world, then you would "splay" your knowledge and your wisdom out on superconscious waves.

At the outset, the difference between directing or forcing a superconscious wave and a superconscious beam is in the assembly of it within your physical and spiritual self. All energy spirals, but it is the WILL of the person [sender] that emits the light energy as a beam or as a splayed burst of energy.

Sometimes a superconscious person can send out [splayed] energy to the whole universe and not be aware that this is occurring. However, you are always conscious when you are sending out a conscious beam or a superconscious beam, because you must direct it through the third eye in order to give it impetus or strength.

21st - 22nd November, 2008
Albert Einstein, Edgar Alan Poe, through Helen Engel

Einstein: All over the world there arises a tumultuous joy. It is time. It is time. It is time for all the scientists to be heard. For too long they have struggled at the mercy of evil governments and greedy entrepreneurs.

Helen: I remember in 1978 you, Albert Einstein, told me to worship the scientists, to bring them into government, let them lead the people.

Einstein: We have a little plan ready, and we will share it with you. You need only type as I speak. I will speak slowly so that you may type slowly. Are you ready?

Helen: I was never more ready, beloved Einstein.

Einstein: Then here we go. Over precipices, over mountains, over all hurdles we will be heard. Each of us will rise up and speak to the governments of the world, to the corporations whose buildings stand on the bones of great inventors who were trampled. Let this be the cry:
"It is time for the scientists to be heard. They are the ones who will bring the world out of its present state of despair, and lead it into the sunshine of spacious homes, graceful living, new vehicles that will hover slightly above the ground. They will make space travel safe and affordable. They will make communication with distant planets instantaneous. They will design houses that fit the human structure. The time is now."

Helen: Thank you, Einstein. Please introduce me to your first scientist.

Einstein: I bring you Edgar Alan Poe.

Helen: I thought that Edgar Alan Poe was a writer, but I do recall one article I read where he wrote the most sensible solution to a problem, or something like that.

Einstein: Edgar Alan Poe can determine the cause of every problem, and can seek out a solution.

Helen: Can he converse with me?

Einstein: Let us give him a try. I present Edgar Alan Poe.

Poe: Good day, madam.

Helen: Good day, and greetings to you, sir.

Poe: We knew each other at another level.

Helen: I am glad that you remember. My physical brain does not serve me so adequately that I can recall.

Poe: We assisted in perfecting spokes on a wheel.

Helen: Indeed a rather long time ago.

Poe: The challenge at the moment is to direct the minds of the people to the scientific community, and move the minds of the people away from structured and limited thinking of the automobile and electric power corporations.

Helen: Please tell me how.

Poe: Did you ever see a cat run after a mouse?

Helen: Yes. The cat runs straight, the mouse runs in several directions.

Poe: We will be the cat. We will know where we are going, and we will go directly to that spot.

Helen: What is that jugular point?

Poe: Disclosure.

Helen: I understand. This has given me some thought. Please indicate where I might go to locate the jugular.

Poe: Archives of Patent Offices. Check the names of inventors whose patents were not accepted and determine the reason why.

Helen: There are a few obstacles. One is distance, another is wherewithal.


Poe: Good day madam, we meet again.

Helen: Yes, I apologize for the delay. I was indisposed for a short time, but am back.

Poe: You must take care of yourself physically.

Helen: Do you have any suggestions?

Poe: Watch your diet, and rest. You have all the other ingredients.

Helen: Thank you, I shall. I have come to continue our conversation. We ended at the possibility that I might search the Archives of Patent Offices to determine whose patents were not accepted and why. This may be available on our Internet. If I should locate that, what should I do next please?

Poe: Contact those inventors to determine whether they are on the Earth plane or somewhere else. Have a conversation with them, and take it from there. We have formed a band of merry men, and will direct you further.

Helen: This sounds like a delightful challenge, I will begin shortly. I hope that you will send me some assistants.

Poe: That we shall do. Then be on your merry way.

Helen: Thank you.

Archangel Gabriel Acknowledges a Science Telepath
9th August, 2009 through Helen Engel

If there were ever a time that the scientists of Earth should hear this little one [the Science Telepath], now is the time. If you would join your intellect with her receiving skills, you would move ahead in leaps and bounds. She comes with a great many new concepts to teach you. It will be up to you to fathom them out, create theories, principles, and chart their progress as they become a part of the science for the age of Ascended Mankind.

I speak, because I have assisted in her training. You may ask me whatsoever you wish about this little gift from heaven, and I will supply you information. It is time for her to be heard.

Little One, we righteously acknowledge the work that you have done. We will prolong your life sufficiently so that a few will come forth. This is my message this day.

To contact 'The Science Telepath' E-mail her at

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