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An absolute essential before receiving messages! These comments will be found helpful for starting telepaths, although some relate specifically to the practice of dowsing. My original 1988 article has been reproduced intact, with comments at the end .....................Milson

Extracts from the course on 21st Century Healing,
© Copyright Milson Macleod, 1988

Each one is constantly sending out physical and mental vibrations that can be either very deadly - or very healing.

Before starting the connection process, still the mind: one should be in good health, rested and in a positive frame of mind .

There are TWO recommended methods of clearing oneself from all negativity that would adversely influence the answers or results that one is seeking.

Firstly, the most powerful statements to remember are (and these should be made daily upon waking, as well as for any specific purpose later in the day):-

"In the name of the Divine Source I demand that all energies of the Dark Brotherhood depart from me*, the various places in which I might dwell **, and the spaces that I may occupy, immediately, for the rest of this day/night" *** (as the case may be)
Follow this by three quick, sharp exhalations ****, as a physical representation of their expulsion from your environment.

Do not leave any loopholes!!
* Name also others, if they are to be included, and change "I" to "we" in subsequent statements.
** Where you live is the place that you manage, but when you go out for a walk or shopping, then you must also cover that space around you when you are out.
*** If you are including someone in an entirely different time zone, where you may be in daytime hours and the other in hours of darkness, you might substitute "day - or night, as the case may be - "
**** Three is the number indicating completion.

"Brothers of the Heavenly Hosts, place the plasmic LIGHT SHIELD around my loved ones this day"
Ask this protection for your loved ones, and automatically the protection will be extended to yourself.

This must be repeated for day and night, as there is a 'changing of the guard' at nightfall and you must repeat it to continue coverage.

It is important to remember that any negative thought or action during the day creates a break in that protection, just as any fear or doubt coursing through the mind compromises protection, therefore the request must be repeated once this is realised. One may have to repeat it many times in one day. The first statement is an all-encompassing command specifically directed to energies on this Earth plane, although it does not necessarily infer that those on other planes are exempt.

Archangel Michael also recommends that one ask one's EGO to perch on one's left shoulder and take no part in these discussions .....

Note that White Light is NOT the ultimate shield of protection. Gold is superior.

Here is a procedure for using the pendulum, which may be adapted for use in telepathy.

Ask the following statements or questions to be sure you can safely proceed:
  • Am I working with my Spiritual Guides? If not, request to talk with them only.
  • Is anyone else present? Unless it is a new Guide, ask to have them removed.
  • Please clear any blocks, negative programs or energies that are affecting me now or will do so in the future ('future' can be wishful thinking: there is no sure guarantee that the future will not bring up more blocks/programs for clearance)
  • Please clear any discarnates in our space Discarnates are souls who have left the physical body, but not the physical vibrations of the earth plane: they are stuck (if they do not leave within 45 days) and cannot escape the earth vibrations without the help of an incarnated being, such as you and I. They may have good intentions, but they are not in full understanding of either their own situation or yours. You can do without such 'help'.
  • Please send any separates in our space to where they can be cleared, and set up a shield to prevent any further separates from interfering Separates are higher level spiritual beings who have decided to incarnate and who, rather than work in the offices of higher realms to which they have been assigned, enter planetary vibrations and attach themselves to incarnated souls and cause interference. Do not clear them on your own: the phrasing is important.
  • Will I receive right answers? If a "NO" answer is received, double-check on blocks as well as dark energies
  • Will I receive wrong answers? Ditto, if a "YES" answer is received
  • May I start work now? If "NO",recheck as before
  • Ask that programs to keep the soul clear be set up at all (7) levels and that all higher levels of consciousness also be cleared.

Most of this process can also be programmed so that subsequently all one asks is: "Please clear me as usual"

It is especially important to rid oneself, the room or building, and others present, of discarnates before proceeding: they can be drawn to your Light as moths are drawn to a flame. Removal is often accomplished by convincing them that there is no criticism, judgment, condemnation or punishment on the other side, and it is therefore safe for them to continue on their journey. Note that even here, if an individual is using discarnates for any particular purpose, he/she has freewill, and the discarnates under such circumstances will not be dispersed by Higher Self. The first energy that will normally visit you or answer you is always a dark energy, unless they are cleared from your space.

Even more important: realise that one should never attempt to clear discarnates using one's own energy [like the clergy tend to do in removing 'demons/evil spirits']. Ask your Higher Self to "release these discarnates into their right and proper place."

One sometimes finds that a negative or ill-informed energy has decided to block you from getting answers, resulting in no response (this is especially true for those using a pendulum). Ask first whether this be indeed the case, then ask that the energy be cleared from your space. Recheck to make sure that it is gone. The energy may be earthbound, a real physical being, a thought-form, or from beyond this plane.

The spiritual Breath: right at the start of any procedure or request, take three deep breaths through the nostrils, exhaling through the mouth. In this way oxygen comes as close as possible to the brain itself, helping clear the thinking process. If you believe you need something physical to sharpen your mind try Horsechestnut Seed Extract.

It is more important these days, than ever before, to keep one's space clear, for it is in these days that the powers of darkness work even harder than ever before: their time is short, and it is their goal to create as much havoc, and take as many with them, as they can.

Regardless of the source, the message, the writer or the speaker, ALWAYS check your own Inner Guidance [gut feeling]. Keep your personal space clear and keep the Light about you at all times, for the dark forces are never at rest.

As soon as you become lax in these basic exercises, you have opened the doorway for the dark energies to enter in; and once in, you MUST demand that they depart, or they will take it as permission to take up residence and exert their influence upon you. This is often so subtle that you will probably be completely unaware of their presence until it has reached such a point that you have become completely and fully controlled by them. These dark energies always leave little clues, but unless you have the Light about you and with you, it is completely possible to miss discerning these clues. Never give these agents of darkness even a foot in the door, for they are most ungracious guests, and you will live to rue the day you allowed them to enter, for they will make your life a living hell. Clearance may be required several times a day.

Never, never follow someone blindly.

"Ask and, believing, thou shalt receive." ASK, ASK, ASK ..... yet never be frivolous nor over-demanding.

Further comments, 2012:
Add to clearing steps, when addressing your Spiritual Guides:-
"Please provide me with a clear channel to my Celestial friends, free of influence from Dark Beings, negative thought-forma or other disruptive influence, and may the information sent in both directions be complete, correct and understandable"

Suggested further reading - "The Stillness Within", by Mirra Rose


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