An Address on TELEPATHY

by Mirra Rose

"I would like to begin my presentation with a bit of meditation in order to demonstrate what I will be discussing (a short centering and alignment exercise is offered to connect with our Divine Source). In the beginning of learning how to channel, a telepath must protect herself. It is important to begin the process with a quiet mind, otherwise there may be interference from the noise and opinions of the mind of the channel. For example, in my own beginnings, I had to rest quietly and have a recorder or pen or witness ready to transcribe whatever came through. I usually had a question in mind or someone would ask me a question and after sufficient preparation I would simply speak or write and then review what had come through. Keeping a record of these experiences allowed me to record my progress over the years.

In the beginning it was child's play, literally. It was as if broad strokes of the pen or brush painted a picture that was easily seen and understood and recorded by my mind, as my guidance system used simple metaphors or images to convey holograms of material. As I advanced in proficiency, more details and the signatures of various guides (usually Christ or Mother Mary or both) would accompany the messages. In group channelings, participants would report seeing visions of Mother Mary and Christ and many angels in the center of the circle as I spoke. This was very gratifying and to feel the unmistakable peace and Divine Presence of Love or Joy confirmed the authenticity of the Source.

During the first few years of my experience there would often come an interference by my mind in the form of expressing my opinion or emotional stance about some subject, rather than a pure channeling. I had certain triggers in my physiology such as a feeling in my heart or goosebumps or a thrill in the nervous system or certain sounds in my ears or other sensations that were indications of Truth and other sensations of being uncomfortable that showed me when I was in a lower frequency than the fifth dimension. If the lower frequency signals came I would then stop and rephrase the question or give up entirely until I felt I was in a balanced state and could receive a pure channeling. It was a kind of coaching process between me and my guidance system that allowed me to gain a sense of trust and reliability regarding my channeling process.

I welcomed any form of information, so I began to see, hear, and feel the energies and messages of my guides as the gifts of Spirit gradually unfolded. At times I was discouraged if nothing seemed to be happening in response to my queries or if it seemed the energies were not accurate or aligned with truth. Then I would retreat and try to reassure my mind that it was alright to make progress gradually and to forgive myself for not being perfect from the very beginning. My guides would mention Michelangelo and his process of chipping away at a piece of marble until the true beauty of what he was trying to express was revealed in all its glory. That process took patience and trust and I had to surrender my human feelings about success or failure and simply give the whole experience up to the Divine as an offering of my heart to the Sacred Presence. Humility was the most important asset of the training I received, and continues to be. We should establish trust in the relationship between ourselves and our guidance, but never arrogance. There is always more to learn, and a higher flight to bless our journey in the eternal growth of Spirit.

Basically, the lesson to be learned is one of discernment, and all human beings on the road to Ascension must pass through this gateway as preparation for the fulfillment of their respective missions. It is indispensable to learn this lesson because the resonance with negativity within us in our personality self could betray our fine intentions of purity and service if we unwittingly mix light and darkness in our work. No one is exempt from this lesson as we all must understand the nature of duality in order to rise above it, which is the ultimate purpose of our journey through the lower dimensions in order to bring the Light of Truth and the Glory of Love into matter. We are the Body of God, and as Earth Angels our service includes being so very humble and human in our development that we can then understand the pain and growth of all people on the Ascension path. It is our greatest service, and the angels weep with compassion and love for us as we bravely conquer all the negativity we encounter on our journey through matter and are lifted up into the Light and Victory of Ascension.

Those of us who are training to become telepaths in the new Golden Age have a sacred duty to surrender our minds and hearts to a higher Reality rather than dwell in the confusion and chaos that accompanies the transition into the Light that Earth's body is undergoing. As Her Earth Angels we will learn from experience and teach from the humble position of our human nature and be glorified by the very simplicity and openness of our human hearts. That is the secret of the Christ Consciousness, that the most humble and simple are the best leaders and the greatest inspiration for all.

Thank you for listening to my story of my personal path and please take whatever resonates as truth for you to heart. It is my honor to be accompanied on my path by such wonderful hearts as I find myself surrounded by here."

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