The Language of the Spheres


The Urgent Need for New Telepaths

Warped Spiral Galaxy
Warped Spiral Galaxy

As there is an urgent need for telepaths throughout this planet, this information is being provided free of charge in the hope that it will attract many to this exciting and important field.

First of all, this is not new. It used to be our original form of communication until somebody thought up an alternative - which is actually inferior.

As we regain the knowledge of our relationship with the rest of the universe and its inhabitants, those on Higher Spheres are eager to help us and to provide all the information we wish to know (for positive use) - if we re-learn how to communicate with them.

On 8th August, 2010, the following message was received from Panel 2 on Mars:

"Hail, Earthlings all. The suspension bridge is completed. It is now possible for you to use the bridge to communicate with us. Just try it. Send love, and you will receive love in return. Send peace, and it will spread all around you. Send your hope, and those who are weary will look up as we enter your skies."

Secondly, Esu Immanuel (Sananda) in preparation for his Second Coming - which is not that far away - has stated that he needs at least one telepath in each congregation of all the churches so that he can communicate with the churches and correct the misunderstandings and false doctrines which have been introduced in order to subjugate the people rather than teach and help them.

Furthermore, business itself will be interested in using the services of a telepath, so there will be many openings in this field before long, especially in science and technology.

There has been so much false - or at best misleading - information spread that it has to be counteracted so that the people are more at ease in interacting with ETs, who come in peace and not with evil intentions - the first official and public landings are due before very long.

It is especially important at this time, as one age merges into another, to keep in close contact with one's spiritual guides, the angels and others, possibly even one's own kin who have passed over, in order to be kept uptodate on seismic occurrences and severe weather aberrations, especially those in the local area, as many may be forced to move to safer ground for survival. Archangel Gabriel has often stressed this.

Sananda gave advice on telepathy through Helen Engel some years back:

"Yes beloved. You will bring me into the picture. You will remember the familiar remark, "No one comes to the Father except through me." What does that mean? It means that there must be a degree of love when channeling or attempting to do telepathy. You will not be able to do telepathy with spiritual beings in another planet if you are angry, or upset in any way, or emotionally disturbed. Those frequencies jar the instruments of those in the spiritual realms and therefore your messages are jammed or blocked.

Therefore, in order to channel, you need to develop overflowing love, peace of mind, and a desire to serve.

If you were to attempt to communicate with entities on the Pleiades because you wanted to become a millionaire, your aura would reflect the aura of greed and avarice, and that too would be jammed.

I am aware that many persons wish to contact starships, and that is very commendable. However, it is very important that they have a purpose for which to contact a starship. What would be a good purpose? Firstly, to express love to them from earth, and joy that they will soon be with us. Secondly, a regular salutation of greeting friends. And then you may express your purpose or intent, which might be to advise them of a landing spot, or to tell them that you have been communicating with other starships. You may also ask questions, such as the name of the Commander, the name of the navigator, and perhaps the name of an ancestor of yours. And then it is good to ask them to teach you about whatever they feel would be suitable for the occasion. The Invisibles are aware of your situation to a degree, and therefore all of their lessons will be appropriate."

So you are invited to study this website in detail, then continue on to the Course in Spiritual Telepathy which gives numerous actual telepathic discussions which will help you become more familiar with relationships with those beyond the veil.


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